Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Gift for Children

I wanted to share with you a Christmas gift that my husband and I are giving our children this year. We have gotten them both a decorative box to be stored in the top of their closet. What goes in this box? What is it intended for?

It is the "You are So Loved and So Special" box.

It is "The wonderful history of (insert child's name)" box.

 Many moms do not have time to scrapbook or carefully document each and every memorable event or moment in their children's lives. These boxes will make it easier on you. Each child will have their own special box that you put keepsakes in for them. Put things in there that will remind them of how much they are loved by you and the family.

They are only allowed to look at it on special occasions or if they are feeling down. Whenever they are out of the house and settled- You give them their special box as a gift.

 We are going to make a personal photo book for each child every year (shutterfly is what we use). We will give them their photo book every year at Christmas for them to put in their very special box.

 Also- We have put a decorative notebook in each box. Every year at Christmas or Birthday we will both write them a personal letter in that notebook.

Here are some examples of things to put in the box:

~Jot down funny things they say -date it- and toss it in the box

~snapshots that show love and fun between themselves and their siblings

~Any special birthday card that they receive that has a sweet note written in it

~Some of your favorite artwork by them ( be selective- try to live simple and clutter free- but still preserve memories)

~Favorite Toys/clothes/books

 ~A list each year of their favorites (would be good to keep in the notebook)

Will add Cute Letters to the box soon with a catchy title
Enjoy! I hope you do something similar to this for your kiddos! (or husband) (My husband and I have a box together for special things)
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