Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mom Heart

Hi Friends! I just wanted to share with you about a GREAT book I've been reading. It's called The Mission of Motherhood. It is written by Sally Clarkson. I've been working on reading it for a while now. I started the book and thought there were so many good points in it- so I started marking them with cute little tabs. However, as we all know living with a toddler... things don't always work out perfectly. One day my sweet, sweet, little girl thought it'd be fun to rip out all my tabs. So, I started over- But got smart with my pinning. I wrote down the notes that I'd like to remember in my own personal journal. The way the book is written after each chapter she gives you "Something to Think About" which is a mini-bible study and "Something to Try", a practical way to put the wisdom into action. I only get a few minutes in the morning to read so currently I am going back through the book and doing the bible study each morning. It is very refreshing. I have already put into action several of the "Things to Try" suggestions and I can testify that it has been very rewarding for my soul as a mother and a wife. I am about to start the next book that goes after this one called The Ministry of Motherhood.  
With all that being said... She is hosting a MomHeart conference next year in Dallas, TX. If you could any way make it... I know that it will have an impact on your life for the better. Here is the link if you are interested. 

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