Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Building Your Inner Circle

Hi Friends!
Now that Holiday's are over it's time for all of us to get back in the "normal routine" of life. With a new year starting, lots of people are going around talking about  New Years Resolutions. I'm not a big new years resolution type girl. I'm more under the mindset that you should always being trying to improve yourself in whatever way you feel you need to. Let's face it most people make goals to lose weight, eat better, don't drink tea for a year or something like that and by March they've forgotten their goal. Don't take me wrong- I think goals are GREAT and AWESOME! I'm a big time goal setter. I just set goals all through the year. I do love the "fresh slate" that a turn of a new year brings. It feels so clean and refreshing. It's a great time for self- reflection and goal making for the next year. With all that being said..... I've had something on my heart lately. "Building your inner circle" I'm an extremely social person. I've been told by friends and family I could wear you out just talking. Sometimes it can be exhausting just listening to me and all my ideas. haha I'm the type to constantly be starting something new. My husband just laughs when I tell him "Hey I have an idea... What do you think about this?" I'm always wanting to start a new project, a new group (whether it be a bible study group, exercise group, mom group, once a month girls night, etc.. etc..) My plans are endless and constant. I love people and being around people. Aren't you so glad that God designed us for fellowship and relationship? (most of all with Him) Anyways- My point is that I can get carried away with wanting to start new things with new people. But lately the Lord has really been talking to me about building my inner circle. I'm a mom of two sweet, sweet babies. This is such a blessing and also such a short season in my life. Why do I focus so much energy on being social, when my real calling is right in front of me. It is so important to build your inner circle- being my husband and children. This is my time to invest in their lives and their hearts. (Don't take me wrong and think that I'm saying you mustn't do anything else) The Lord has just been teaching me that sometimes you have to say "No". I can't be apart of every social function that is taking place around me. I must choose wisely and carefully- so that my main focus is still on the Lord and building my inner circle right now. I'm so thankful for the way he teaches me and the peace He brings you when you're obedient. Investing in your husband and children is so important and there are many ways that you can do this. A scripture that come to mind is: 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore, encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.
I'd like to give you an example of a way that I've had to say "no" lately. I used to coach basketball before my calling as a mother. I very much enjoyed it. I've just recently had the opportunity to coach a summer basketball team. While at the beginning of this opportunity- I was super excited and giddy. What a sweet deal! I still get to be a mom, and I get to coach in the summer while my husband's home from school. SWEET! My husband and I talked it over- and he said he would be completely be supportive of whatever I wanted to do. I was really getting the ball rolling- planning my tryouts, getting a tournament schedule together etc... I was already planning practices in my head. I had big plans. But something just wasn't settling right in my soul. (I knew what it was the whole time, but just tried to ignore the feeling) Finally, I did what I know I needed to do. I went to the Lord about it. He gave me an answer very clearly. While, I love basketball, love coaching, love the girls that would've been on my team- I would have completely enjoyed it--- Where would my family be? My husband said he would come to games and take the kids. It would've been every weekend from March-July plus my practices. What kind of investment would that've been for my family this summer? How would that be building my inner circle? My children are still very young- so it would've been me more dragging them around, making them sit in hot gyms, having my husband entertaining toddlers at games (there wouldn't be much watching from him, as I know because that's how it is when I'm at his games... ) We decided that it would be better for our family to spend our time investing in our precious little gifts hearts and souls, giving them a peaceful secure feeling at home- building our inner circle, having them run and play outside. Explore. Get Dirty. Build Things.  There was such a weight lifted from me when I turned the job down. It is not the right time for me. Maybe in another season- but not this one.
With all that being said- I encourage you to evaluate your relationship goals for the year. What do you want to invest in? How do you plan to do this? Why? Set some time apart to spend with the Lord and ask Him- what he wants for you this year... What are His plans for your life? not yours....

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