Monday, February 27, 2012

Lay down your life for a friend

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I am so glad to have come across these resources lately. I have recently read Sally Clarksons' The Mission of Motherhood and absolutely loved it. It was so insightful. I also just finished up her book The Ministry of Motherhood.

 It is a book that I will keep in my mom library forever. It was encouraging; She gently encourages mom with practical ideas all backed by scripture of ways to steer your children in grace, inspiration, faith, training,and service.

This morning I finished up my bible study on service. This verse really stuck out to me this morning. John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. I started looking at it in a new light today.

 We all have read and see what an emphasis Jesus places on love.- But to what level are we taking it to? Are we "laying down our life" for our friends? Or are we too busy with our "to do" list to give our time to others? I'm sure we all have more "to do" than we can get done in a day. But in what ways are we "laying down our life" to serve our friends? Are we taking the time...... to invest in other people?

 A sentence I read this morning: Most worthwhile endeavors- whether they involve housework and chores, schoolwork, serving outside the home or providing hospitality within it, or training our children to be servants of the Lord- end up taking more time, energy, effort, and character than we ever thought they would.This was a nice and gentle reminder to me that all my good ideas of service are not going to be easy for me or a cakewalk- It's going to take sacrifice, time, energy, and work on my part.  

 I believe that we all have good intentions... It's just the following through that is sometimes the issue. Serving and Loving others will take our time, energy, and effort. It will mean putting aside our "list" to think of others. I am guilty of sometimes letting relationships and serving slide in order to have shiny tile grout and dusted furniture instead........ (Not saying keeping house is not important... just that loving others is more important) 

There are many ways that you can "lay down your life" for  a friend.... 
A few ways to "lay down your life"
  • Make and extra meal for a busy working mom
  • Make a 15 minute phone call to show someone you care (I mean a real phone call with actual talking.. TEXTING IS NOT ALLOWED)
  •  Mare a care package for someone who needs encouragment
  • Visit someone in REAL LIIFE (Facebook chats do not count)
 Something about a face to face visit- really shows laying down your life- It shows you putting your "to do" list away to concentrate on another person that God created. In what way are you going to "lay down your life for a friend" this week? 

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