Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cleaning Schedule


I've tried out many "systems" and listened to lots of advice from others on how they manage their homes........ This "homemaking" thing is serious business! I have three years of humbling experience of getting to be the Manager, CEO, Senior Executive, Head Coach,  Principal, etc... etc... over running a household....
(while still striving to be the wife God intended me to be following my husbands lead)

Here is the system that I've currently adopted that seems to work well for me as far as cleaning goes. As we are not home everyday..... I do not follow it perfectly... But it is a nice guideline.

For example: If I'm out on Tuesday- I just double up on Wednesday and do both days chores.

It has helped me keep our house cleaner and more organized.... AND most importantly... it doesn't take that long- which gives me  more time to be the mother and wife that I want to be.

If you click  link on the Right Side that says "House Notebook"- You can download, print, and edit the documents however you'd like so that they would best suit you.

Here is a typical "normal" day... (If there is such a thing):

First thing when I get up- (after my quiet time/ coffee with husband) (We wake up early)
I start the Daily Duties
I also start a load in the washer (I'm not a big fan of "Laundry Day".... I prefer to do a little each day)

Next... I start my Weekly Chores-
I use this chart by first doing the "weekly chore section"---
Next I have my "Focus Area Chart"- organized by day/week..... This is the last thing I do in the mornings.

Once per week- I do a heavy cleaning on the Kitchen.
I know it seems like a lot to do in one morning- but if you do it every week- It really doesn't take long at all.

Also- I like to focus on keeping my Office area clean at least once/week. It really helps in not letting piles of paper build up into huge, overwhelming mountains. (even though it still seems to happen daily!)

I like to not clean anything on the weekends- except dishes and maintenance- because I much prefer hanging out with the family!

I hope that this system might help you in developing one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

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  1. I'm not a fan of laundry day either! I like you schedule, it looks a lot like mine:)

    New follower from WLW linkup

  2. Thanks for stopping by!!!! I'm so excited! I got a lot of my inspiration for this schedule from the book "Large Family Logistics" by Kim Brenneman.... Now I only have 2 kids not 9- but there were so many great concepts in that book! .........

  3. Really? I'll have to check that out! I could use it for sure.

  4. Everyone wants to do enjoy their weekends with their family and friends. But if we do daily cleaning then no need to do lot of cleaning on weekends. we can do window cleaning only on weekends. if we make a proper plan for cleaning then we can save a lot of time.

  5. I think a weekly schedule is so important if you want to keep your surroundings clean and not feel like it gets out of control. Our grandmother's and great grandmother's had cleaning schedules because their job at home was their primary job and they took great pride in it.


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