Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 gifts each

Hi Friends!

Last Post I talked about how my family is going to do the Truth in The Tinsel Advent Activities. What a simple, easy, and manageable way to intentionally prepare our kiddos for CHRISTmas! I'm excited about it.

I also bought Karen Ehman's EBook Untangling Christmas. This book has some great tips and ideas to help keep you from going over the top this Christmas season. Very Practical. It was a good read for me going into the season. I am more focused and prepared. She has some great ideas on how to make a Christmas Planning binder. I will be putting together my version of one soon.

Also- To help keep things focused on Christ. 
We are only getting our children 3 gifts a piece this year.
(plus their stocking). Jesus, our Savior, who was born in a manger only got 3 gifts. Since we are celebrating His birth... why not follow that example and only do 3 for our children? This will help with the "me me me"  and "what do I get" attitude.
My prayer and hope is that by starting this small tradition it will help in keeping our whole family's focus on Christ and celebrating His birth and love for us.

Getting your children only 3 gifts was a tip mentioned in Karen's book. I've been doing an unofficial survey on all my friends the past couple of weeks asking them how they plan to Christ center their holidays. I was surprised at how many people already do this!

It is an idea that my husband and I have passed around the past couple years, but this year we are deciding to start that tradition. I hope by taking the focus off of all the commercialism, materialism, and "getting"... that we can prepare our hearts more for giving and loving.

More Christmas Planning thoughts to come in the next week :)

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