Monday, November 26, 2012

Gender Reveal Party and Giveaway

Hi Friends!
5 months Pregnant

You guessed it!

We are expecting Baby # 3 in about 4 more months.........

And here is our version of a Gender Reveal Party! Woo Hoo! I love any reason to get together with friends and family for fun and fellowship! (especially when it's for a new baby!)

And what makes it even more fun...... Is that we didn't tell we were expecting until this week! So we announced pregnancy and found out gender all in the same week-
 Fun Times! 

So..... What are we having?               We had our guests help us out....
First you had to choose if you were on:

After our sweet family chose what team they were on.......

We played a Thanksgiving Trivia game to see which team got the privilege of unveiling the Gender Envelope to us. And to answer your question.... No we did not know what we were having...

Some sweet friends of ours fixed up this nice picture frame with the ultra sound picture matted inside.

While we were at it........  We  had our family write down name suggestions: If it was one gender- we have a great name ready to go!...... but if it is the other gender we are at square ZERO- So we got our family involved with name suggestions.
My hubby and I were on different teams for our gender guess
We are 5 months and just now told everyone! 

Team Bow won our trivia game......... So they voted for my husbands mom to get to unveil the envelope to us..... (This will be grand-kid # 10 for her!)

So what will it be you ask?................
It's a boy!!!! Team Stache it is!

We are super excited to be a family of 5 with 3 kiddos 3 years old
 and under in just a few months!
 What a blessing! I can't wait to Savor the Moments and Enjoy my littles!
He will be welcomed at the beginning of April...........

And if you are wondering...... We still don't have a name......... 

Thanks for joining me for our gender reveal party! 

And to Thank You for taking the time out of your day to join me for our big announcement- I'd like to give you a couple of  super cute things from Storkville...... Plus all her cute baby stuff makes me giddy with excitement and I just want to share it with you! 
Just in time for a stocking stuffer too!
or you can keep it for yourself......

How about these......

Please check them out in her Etsy Shop as I am not a photographer by no means! I love these bows for my sweet little girl. The feather and the bead in the middle make it so cute and vintage. I also love these vintage style earrings! Seriously.... Check this Stuff out in her Etsy Shop!

I will send the winner this cute bow and earrings! Fun! 

Here are a few more of my favorite things from Storkville:
Soft Peach Chrysanthemum Bookmark
Champagne, Gray and Plum Purple Hair Ties : Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Soft Pink Flower Hair Clip with Pearls & Feathers
My daughter has this one! Love it!
3 Shabby Flower Hair Clips (Olive, Mustard Striped, and Tan)
I personally love this one! How cute!
She has the cutest stuff! Plus she's super sweet:)

So how to win:
1. Like my Facebook Page
2. Share this on your Facebook Page
3. Pin It
4. Leave a comment on this post

You will be entered for the prize for every thing you do! Just let me know in the Comments section or on my Facebook Page how many times to enter your name in. I can't wait to give a gift to someone! 
(deadline Thursday November 29th @ Midnight) 

Thanks for stopping by to read my online journal..... I'm so blessed by every visitor who joins me!  I'd love for you to like my Facebook Page and go on this journey of life with me!


  1. Found your blog through Women Living Well link-up. I have pushed pause on my blog for awhile, but love reading others! I had to comment because of our similar child situation. I have a daughter who will be 3 in April, a son who turned 1 in December and am due with my third in March! My first 2 are 19 months apart and my 2nd and 3rd will be 15 months apart. I guess yours are a little bit older than mine, but I have been looking for a blog with 3 very young kids like me! I am so glad I found yours :) I will definitely be following along on your journey. When is your due date for #3? Mine is March 13. We also had a gender reveal this round and we are having a girl. Exciting times! God bless your sweet family! Also, I loved your Valentines Day party post and think it's a great idea for toddlers!

    1. So glad to meet you! I'm really excited about having 3 3 and under! I am due April 3rd. I know it will be busy for the next couple of years- but it will be so worth it! Having littles around is so much fun. I was just telling my husband yesterday that having kiddos is the most fun thing I've done. They bring us constant joy and laughter. Congrats on being due soon!


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