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How to have a Valentines Party with your Kids

Happy Valentines Month!

I love a reason to celebrate and be festive! It doesn't take much for me to get excited and want to theme everything :) My personal philosophy is that Life is a Precious Gift and should be Celebrated! 

How are you going to celebrate this Valentines Day with your kids?

Why not have a party with just your family? 

I want my children to know that
  •  God loves them
  •  Mommy and Daddy love them
  •  God wants them to love others

So we are going to have a Party to learn all about it

How to Have a Valentines Tea Party with your Kids

1. Prepare for the Party/Set the Scene 

  • Make Homemade Cards with your toddlers (We did this a few days before our party) (They have short attention spans so you don't want to overwhelm them)
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers from your local grocery store (Attach Heart Doilies to be festive) 

Keep it Simple:

Don't worry about making the cards look like they should go in a Home Interior magazine. You are not being judged on "how cute" they are. You are just CELEBRATING LIFE with your kids.

 Let your children have fun! Purchase some Valentine stickers ($1) and Heart Doilies ($1) and let them have a blast! I let mine add Glitter and Paint Markers. (They thought I was super mom... and yes the glitter did get spilled and I am still finding it everywhere!)

2. Make your menu

  • Homemade Sugar Cookies   (Make the morning of the party) Recipe Here
  • Heart Shaped Sandwiches
  • Carrots
  • Apples
TIPS: Have fun with your kids while making the cookies. Let them do it! Again.... You are not being judged on how perfect they are. These are not to sell at an upscale bakery. Their purpose is to CELEBRATE LIFE with your children.

Let them have some dough just to play with... Who needs the extra cookies anyway?

Keep it Simple: Don't worry about making them exquisitely beautiful. Adjust to the age of your kids. Mine are 1 and 3..... Sprinkles and Icing are exciting to them! 

3. Time to Start the Party
  • Set the Table    
Use your homemade cards and bouquet that you made earlier in the week to make a festive setting

We did this on Saturday afternoon
 during our normal lunch time. 

3. Engage your Kids- While you Eat 
  • Q. What is Valentines Day all about?   A. Valentines Day is about Love
  • Q. Did you know that God Loves You Very Much?
  • What is something that you love?
4. Devotional Time

We wanted our kids to know 3 things for this party:
  • God Loves them
  • Mommy and Daddy Love them
  • God wants us to love others
Talk about each one of these points with your children. Read John 13:34 out of the bible several times during your devotional time. 

5. Application- Talk to your kids
  • How can we love others? What are ways we can show love?

6. Story Time
  • Read a book to your children over your Valentines Lunch. Read either a Valentine Story or a book about God and his love. If you don't have one already your local library is a great resource. 
7. Recap
  • Refresh your kids on the 3 main points 
1. God Loves them 2. Mommy/Daddy Love them. 3. God wants us to love others
  • Talk about who you can give your homemade cards to in order to show them love
8. Pray
  • Dear Jesus- Thank you for loving us and please help us to show love to others. Amen

9. Pack Leftover Cookies and Cards after Party
  • Have your children deliver the homemade cards/cookies to someone
  • Only pack a couple of cookies in each bag..... Honestly we all don't really NEED a whole batch of sugar cookies to eat. Packing less will allow you to give to more people.
  • We had our party on Saturday for a couple of reasons
    • So Daddy could be home and participate
    • So the cookies would be fresh when we delivered them. My kids are going to take them to a few people at church. 

Mine are still little 1 1/2, 3, and soon to be here!. So honestly..... it doesn't take a whole lot to impress them and make them feel loved and celebrated  So what  did we do this year? Yep.... that's right. We did the  cliche' homemade cards and sugar cookies.... That NEVER gets old.... (if you like cookie dough as much as my family does)

Don't stress over making it perfect. Remember your goals

To Celebrate Life with your children
To Love your children
To teach them that God loves them
To teach them that God wants us to love others

Have Fun!

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  1. I enjoyed this post! I have been planning on giving my kiddos a party. Thanks for the ideas! It is a wonderful time to remind them of God's love.

    Visiting from: Pint-sized Treasures


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! My kid really liked it:) I think we moms sometimes forget to just keep it simple :) :) Enjoy!

  2. I love this idea, we try to do one every year or a special dinner. But this is soo sweet, thanks for the ideas.


  3. Amanda, I love your blog and I have only visited this page! You just made Valentine's here and at church a whole lot easier. wow. Thanks. I am looking forward to visiting your site again soon!


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