Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A year without TV

Hi Friends!
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A year ago our little family moved into a new house that we built... (that story to come later if anyone cares).... This was a huge blessing!!!!!!

Well.... when we moved it was a huge hassle to move our cable with us... extra fees, phone calls, etc.. etc....

So my husband and I talked about it and realized that that we didn't really watch much TV anyway.... We just didn't have the time.

We decided to not move our cable with us on a trial basis. And not just  cable.... but we opted out of an antenna as well. That's right-- you heard me correctly- we have NO channels.

It's been 1 year- and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Yes.... I said it.... We have had NO TV for a year!
(We do watch DVD's) (We are somewhat of movie buffs)

Here are some of my thoughts from not having TV from the past year:

It is great!- and I highly recommend it.... There is not much on anyway that is worth wasting your mind on.....

We spend a lot more time doing this

and this

We have found that we spend a lot more time:

  • Talking with each other - fun talks, serious talks, long talks, silly talks etc.. etc.. 
  • Engaging our minds in more stimulating things
  • playing with our kids
  • reading with our kids
  • fellow-shipping with others
  • having more fun
  • laughing a lot
  • spontaneous activities and outings (This one is my favorite!)

We feel like without our TV we are able to really focus on the people that live here and the relationships around us without the distraction.

At home during the days our kids are:

  • playing
  • crafting ( aka making big messes)
  • going on walks
  • using their imagination
  • learning 
  • building
We love this!-
There are only 2 things that we miss from not having Cable-
Football and March Madness.... These times of year seem to cause a slight inconvenience for us. But it gives us a great opportunity to fellowship with friends and family and offer to bring a yummy dish to share.....

We have talked about getting cable again- just for those two reasons (Football and March Madness) but the benefits of not having it OUT-WAY the gains from having it by more than you could imagine.

We feel like this past year has completely ENRICHED our family life. Try It! It's fun:)

What else could you spend your extra $$ on?
Here are some ideas:

*Pay someone to help you clean your house once/week
Wouldn't that be nice! You get to be blessed while blessing someone else.

*Sponsor a child

*Support a ministry you feel strongly about- There are so many great things to support to help further the kingdom... Decide what you feel passionately about and pursue it. I have been convicted lately about water.....Do you know how many people in the world don't have clean drinking water?..... Ever since I've learned about this... I've noticed how many bottles of water I dump out, how many clean hot baths my family takes regularly, how many times I fill up the sink just to let the kids play.......... Wow.....
What do you feel passionately about?

*Take that extra $$ and buy something for someone else each month-
surprise lunches for friends? How nice would it be to treat a gal pal to lunch- Bless your friends!

*Great books- Build your family library

*Leave cash anonymously for people in your church body that you know could use a little extra each month..How Fun!!!Seal it in an envelope and tape it to "their pew" with their name on it... Yes we all sit in the same pew every week- I know you do it!

*Get out of debt

I promise....... What you could do with that extra money would be way more fun than anything you could possibly watch on TV!!!

Are you up for the challenge?

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  1. My fiance and I haven't had television for almost 3 years and I enjoy it, too. We do watch movies and shows on dvd a couple of times a week but other than that-no current tv. I think it's awesome you can spend the extra time with your kids!

    Stopping by from AWB.

  2. I have not had a tv for 11 years. When my husband and I got married, we decided not to have one. It makes us feel sick to watch it...partly depressing news, part all the junk on the shows and commercials, part the the thought of the lost time. As children came along, they never missed it. We also do once in a while carefully chosen dvds for entertainment or learning. I thas been an excellent choice for us.


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