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Why I shop at Consignment Events

Why I shop at Rhea Lana's:

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Hi Friends-                                                            

The Rhea Lana's Children's consignment event is coming up around where I'm from. So today I wanted to share with you a quick post about - Why I choose to shop at Rhea Lana's.

1. Being a good steward
I believe that God intends for us to be a good steward of all the gifts he has given us- Including our finances. Why spend tons of  your $$$ on brand new clothing for you sweet kiddos- When you can shop at a good consignment event and get Great Quality- Cute- clothes for a fraction of the cost?? This just seems smart to me. Basically a no brainier-  I spend less money and get great stuff that I like...... That would cost so much more at retail cost. Which... going back to being a good steward with our finances allows us to do other things with our $$... (See #2)

2. Allows you to be generous
As I said in reason #1- I am able to spend less money but still dress my kids in great quality, cute clothes that I like and are "our style".....
Spending less $$ on my children's clothes allows me to be more generous to family and friends! This is such a blessing! There are so many great deals to be found  shopping at consignment events like this......... I have been able to buy cute outfits for my friends kids and clothes/toys  for nieces and nephews. - And not for any occasion but "Just Because"... Don't you love receiving "just because" gifts?!!

3. Time Management
Okay- I love to go shopping as much as the next gal.... But let's be real and honest here- I don't have time! We live over an hour away from a city to shop in and I have (will have) 3 sweet kiddos 3 and under.... plus my husband has a busy work schedule  Not to mention- We are just busy in general "doing life" and such... (Like I know we all are!) So to take a day to drive over an hour 1 way- shop all day- get a babysitter- etc.. etc... is just not a feasible and easy thing for me to do in this season of my life. (I'm hoping when my toddler girl is a little older we can have lots of Mommy/Daughter days in town!)

But shopping at my local Rhea Lana's consignment event allows me to take control of my life and be a wise steward of my time. I am able to get the majority of my children's clothes for 1 season in 1 shopping day- close to my home. (Did I mention... at a fraction of the cost??)

This is great! Because I am never stressed about my kids not having the next season of clothes ready to go. AND- by getting the majority of it at once I am able to buy cute new outfits for my kids "just because" throughout the year as special treats. So when we do get a chance to go to "town" (Do you other rural peeps call it "town" like I do?) I get to  treat my kids to a special outfit/shirt/ or dress just because I want to and it doesn't break the bank.

4. Smart $$
So you might be asking me - How do you come up with the finances to buy a new wardrobe for 3 kids all at once?... Not everyone (most of us) has those kind of finances just laying around to go on a huge shopping spree on a whim.
I consign my clothes from the last season- With Rhea Lana's in particular you earn 70% of your sales. So I'm able to use what I've made from consigning to purchase the next batch of goodies.

5. Friends/Fellowship
Another reason I shop at Rhea Lana's is the friends and fellowship. At most consignment events like this- You can volunteer to shop early. By volunteering to work at your local event- You get to hang with other cool moms, make new friends, connect with your community, and have a good time while working hard . You never know what kind of relationship you might build through working one of these events.
I have been on the leadership team at my local even for 3 years now and have made some great friends and built some great relationships with others on the leadership or volunteer team- OR just through meeting people who come in to shop/consign.
Can any of you find me in the picture?......
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Here are some common questions that I have heard:

Q.Why don't you just shop consignment stores?
A. See answer 3...... I don't have time. I don't have time to go "check stores out" to see "if they might have something" Plus going into a consignment store is a hit/miss opportunity. At consignment events- consignors sell their best items so there are lots of choices in each size. If I have a day to go running around town- Hitting up consignment stores are not my first choice of what I want to do..... I'd much rather be having coffee with a friend......... or shopping for treasures at Antique stores- totally different than consignment clothes shopping for kids!

Q. Why don't you just shop online? I find all my kids clothes online....
A. I do like shopping online..... but I don't always like to just sit at the computer... There are so many other things I'd rather be doing 99% of the time. (unless I'm avoiding the laundry...then computer time looks really fun)

Q. I get all my kids clothes brand new on clearance.  I shop at the right time (when seasons change) and get brand new out of season clothes.  Why don't you just do that?
A..... Again... I don't have time. When you "bank" on getting your kids clothes on clearance- I don't always find things in the right size that I like. And- (again see #3) Since I don't go to "town" (remember the 1 over an hour away) super often I don't always have the opportunity to check the sale rack every Saturday. We have other things to do on Saturdays at our house.... (That are way more fun!) And again- I've always found " like new" quality items at our local event. .....(The brands I love too!)

So basically- I get the majority of my shopping done at once... and spend less money....
So I have more free time during the year to be doing other things.. Use your time and money wisely:)

Anyways-.... These are just some things I've been thinking about and wanted to share them with all of you. There are all kinds of Children's Consignment Events around the U.S. What do you have in your area that you love???

Lets be good stewards with our money, time, and resources -
And be generous and cheerful givers! Bless Someone!

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  1. Great post! I've recently moved from Seattle, WA to Appleton, WI (gulp!) and have discovered Consignment Events (and shops). Thanks for sharing!
    I found you today through the Women Living Well Link Up; I’m #278. I’d love for you to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  2. Chuh! I love Point 2 SO MUCH! Isn't being generous pretty much the best reason ever to be frugal? We think so much alike on this one.

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