Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The #1 thing I said I'd never do as a mom

Oh Yeah......
I did it........
The #1 thing I said I'd NEVER do as a mom......

I am now a mini-van driver.

For as long as I can remember- I have SWORN that I would never drive a mini-van.

I was way too cool....

What is cool when you have 3 kids in car seats in a tiny backseat, spit up on your shirt, boogers on your sleeve and greasy hand prints all over all your clothes?

I'll tell you what it is- It's a mini-van.

I can now Honestly and Proudly say that I love my mini-van.... and it is cool!

Something about....
those bucket seats where no one is touching each other
Or the fact that I can push a button and the doors open (that's what's up!)
Or could it be all that Extra Room?!?!

I don't care that it is 9 years old- I love it.... and I drive it proudly. (If you have a question about the age of my vehicle... pick up a Dave Ramsey or Larry Burkett book- you won't be sorry)

So bring on the soccer mom jokes. I can take it.

So to all you mini-van drivers- Be Proud- You are cool!
Put on the shades- crank up the kid tunes- and roll into those parking lots with style.

and to all my family who might stumble across this post...... don't be too hard on me :) I know I'm eating my words... and they taste good!

What is the #1 thing you said you'd never do as a mom? I'd love to hear. 

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