Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love Dare Book Study- Chapters 21-25 Love Intercedes

Hi Friends-
I'm doing an online book study of The Love Dare for Parents. This week we covered chapters 21-25. I'm linking up over at Managing Your Blessings for the study.

The Love Dare Chapters 21-25
 Love Is Fair
 Love Honors Authority
 Love Intercedes
 Love Forgives
 Love Takes Responsibility

 WOW! Are you guys enjoying this study or what?!?! I have read several "parenting" type books and this one is by far one of my most favorites! Why? I love how it is absolutely SCRIPTURE LACED. There are tons of references and extra study points. I also love how in this particular book everything is not based on how the author parents their children or their particular lifestyle but it is based on what the WORD says. It is objective and bible based.

You can take all the points and scriptures and apply them to your particular "flavor" or "style" of life. This week of study Love Intercedes has stuck out the most to me. This little bitty chapter is only 3 short pages, but I have pages and pages of notes, thoughts, ponderings, and ideas.

 If you just go through those 3 little chapters and write down all the scripture references included you will have a whole study just in that alone.

 Prayer is our pathway to the Lord. We are able to approach the throne of God. He wants relationship with us. And I will tell you- nothing in my life has brought me to my knees in prayer more than being a mom. You have so many hopes, dreams, and prayers for your children. But we are inadequate to fulfill them all or do everything right.We are sinners saved by grace.

 We need JESUS. Our kids need JESUS. Our kids need to know that We Need Jesus.

 God loves us more than we love ourselves and He loves our children more than we do.

 Let's take our parenting to him in prayer. He can and will direct our paths.

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. 

Proverbs 3:5-6

 There has been so many times that I've had to stop and really go to the Lord about how I was supposed to raising my children. He answers. He has directed my paths.

 I can feel and have felt his tiny whisper tugging at my heart pushing me in the direction I need to go. Does someone need some extra 1 on 1 time? Does someone need some discipline? Does someone need to be encouraged? Does someone need to laugh? The Lord has prompted me in each of these areas.

 Our kids need us to rely on the Lord and not ourselves in our parenting. Be your kids biggest fan and go to the Father in prayer for them. No request is too small.

 Think about it like this: If you only talked to your husband about the BIG events of the day or your life then there probably wouldn't be a lot of talking and relationship building going on. But if you share with him about your day to day happenings, struggles, thoughts, concerns, joys, etc.. etc..- Then that is how relationship is built. It's the same thing with the Lord. Let's be in relationship with him all the time. Let's ask Him for help, guidance, and direction with our children. Let's Praise Him in prayer for the mess, craziness, and joys. Let's rely on HIM and not on ourselves.

 Pursue that relationship with the Lord. Include his name on your lips all the day. Be your kids biggest fan. Cheer them on to the Lord. Seek His direction in all aspects.

 My biggest and most constant prayer for my kids is:
 Lord- please help me to reach their hearts.

 The Lord is faithful and has encouraged me when needed and helped me to readjust when needed.

 What is your most constant prayer for your children?

Managing Your Blessings


  1. Amanda, you are speaking straight to my heart! Thanks for such good truth!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. This book is one of my favorite "parenting" books. I sometimes ( ok a lot) try to do a lot on my own..... but Jesus is the one in charge! lol :)


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