Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Love Dare- Love Listens

Hi Friends-

As several of you know....... I'm doing the online bible study over at Managing Your Blessings. We are doing The Love Dare for parents.

One of the chapters this week was Love Listens. Having a family of 5 with our 3 little ones so close in age it gets easy to just lump everyone together in all our activities and 1 on 1 time gets lost.
 Don't get me wrong I love family time....... but our kids also need some 1 on 1 time with mom and dad to cultivate that relationship as well.

I want my kids to know that I have time to really look into their eyes and see them.

I want them to know that I want to listen to their stories and ideas.

I want them to know that I enjoy them and value our relationship.

So we try our best to make it a priority at our house to let each kiddo have some of their own mom/dad date time.

Here is my list of Top Ten Toddler Dates for under $5 if you are looking for some 1 on 1 time with your tot.

1. Go out for Cupcakes

2. Go to a pet store to look around

3. Take them to a park to play- DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE- Just play with them

4. Ice Cream- Who doesn't like this?

5. Go to a bookstore-Pick up a kids book and sit in one of those comfy chairs and read it to them while sipping a drink from the bistro

6. Go on a walk or hike (We call them adventures)

7. Go out for a Doughnut

8. Take some toys and a blanket- Go somewhere away from your home and sit on the blanket and build a fort with legos with them. 

9. $1 movies and eat popcorn (We have a $1 movie theater near us)

10. Go Fishing

Date with my little man- $5 Hot and Ready Pizza and a Raspberry Water from Sonic

The point here is not what you are doing.

The point is to really look in their eyes and let them know they are valued.

 Let them know that you enjoy spending time with them.

Cultivate that relationship today so that you will be in their lives tomorrow. 

Reach their Hearts. 



  1. Lovely post :) When did you start spending one on one time with them? We are getting ready to implement it with our 3 year old daughter. My husband is a soldier and his free time is super limited so we were just going to do some things with her at first and then try to add in our 2 year old and 8 month old when they are a little older.

  2. Hi Meg! So glad you visited! We started intentionally trying to do some 1 on 1 stuff around 2 years old. Before that- if it happened it happened- but we weren't as intentional about it. I'm with you- We don't have a lot of free time so we just have to squeeze it in. It's really amazing what 30 concentrated minutes will do! Even if 1 of us just takes 1 with us to run to the grocery store- They love it.

  3. These are great ideas, Amanda! Thanks for the inspiration. I want to try some of them :)

    1. Any date with your kids is fun! We are taking our 3 year old to the Christmas Story Tour concert in Jonesboro this December for her birthday :)


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