Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Make Simple Valentines for a Party

Hi Everyone-
Yesterday I showed you our Valentines Boxes that my toddlers made.
We also had to prepare the snacks for their party this week.

 I wanted something:
  • simple
  • cheap
  • and practical.
 I wanted my kiddos to be able to partake in getting the Valentines ready. I didn't want to be the mom staying up til' midnight trying to get it all together while my kids were sleeping. I wanted to do it with them.

We started our week out by talking about Love and what Love is. It has been the focus of our morning devotionals as we go into Valentines day. So, having my kids prepare the Valentines that they are to give out is a great way for them to practice being Loving, Kind, and Giving to others.

So we put together "Wild About You" bags.

20 Bags from Walmart- $1.47
Animal Crackers- $1.88
Scrap paper laying around in craft closet
Cricut- (For those of you who can use scissors- scissors work fine)

I didn't want to go with the typical paper Valentines because my kids are 4, 2, and 10 months. So it's not like they could even read it or enjoy putting those together. But they do like animal crakers, stuffing bags, and helping twist tie them.

It was really quite simple:

1. Have Toddlers help stuff bags full of Animal Crakers. (Yes, their hands were clean. I made sure of it.)
They both really enjoyed doing this. While we were stuffing bags we talked about who we could give them to and about practicing Loving others.

2. Use the fancy cricut to cut out hearts. (Again scissors will work. I just can't draw a heart more or less cut one out. I'm craft handicapped. I just do the best I can and put the machines to work.)

 3. Next we had an assembly line going. Toddlers would twist bags together. I would add the twist tie.

 See this is quick, easy, and cheap.

4. Write "Wild About You" on all your hearts.
 Typically, I would prefer  the kids to do this. But they can't write all those letters yet. 

5. Have kids help staple the hearts to the bags. 

And you're done.

We have just created a simple snack for a toddler Valentines party that kids will love!

 Not to mention the cookies aren't "that bad" for you.

 They are much better than that yucky fake chocolate that stores sell at Valentines day.
 If I'm going to put unhealthy calories in my body, I want the good stuff!

 Everyday either at suppertime or when I'm tucking my kids in, I ask them
"What was your favorite part about today?"
Today they said, "Making bags with you mom. That was fun!"

You see, kids don't care what it looks like. They just want your Presence. 
 Oh I forgot a very important step.......

6. Let your kids eat all the crumbs.

Enjoy! I hope this helps!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How To Make Valentines Boxes With Your Toddlers

So with Valentines this week my kids have a couple of parties to go to. What about you? Do you have a lot of parties to go to?

We needed to make a Valentines box for one of our parties.

I don't know about you, but sometimes Pinterest makes me feel like a complete FAIL because

1. I am not crafty (secretly I don't even like crafts- I just do them to spend time with my kids doing things together)
2. I don't have time to browse Pinterest for the perfect toddler box
3. I usually don't have all the supplies on hand

So,  I decided that we would just work with what we have. What does it matter if it's not magazine perfect? In all honesty, it will probably get thrown in the trash this weekend. You see, I'm anti-clutter so I don't think twice before tossing something.

But, I did want to spend some quality time with my kiddos creating their box.

Empty Kleenex Box
Empty Oatmeal Box
Whatever Crafty Stuff you have laying around the house

First we emptied all our tissues out of the box and just left them on the counter. This was very hard for me because I'm anti-clutter. Seriously,  if things sit on my counter it goes in the trash. But, nonetheless it was for the kids, right?

You will need to glue construction paper on the box to cover up the store bought floral design. 

First, I tired hot glue. It didn't stick. Then I tried cement. It didn't stick. Then I tried school glue. You guessed it. It didn't work either. So then my 4 year old and I just decided to tape it all together. Is there a difference in hot glue guns? Sheesh- this is hard work. 


And while you are covering your empty tissue box go ahead and cover your empty oatmeal box for the super hero toddler boy in your life. 

Let the work begin.

Moms- This is very important. Let your toddlers decorate their own box.

It will be fine. I promise. No one is going around giving out blue ribbons to the craftiest mom whose toddler has the cutest Valentines box. I promise. And if you do find somebody doing that- then they have too much time on their hands and could come to my house  and put their time to good use by  blessing  me and doing my laundry.

We have this big bin that I keep in an extra closet full of crafty stuff. It was a gift from Nana for Christmas. GREAT IDEA! If there are any Nana's out there reading this- make your grand-kids a huge craft box. It has helped me on all these snow days. Though- my husband isn't a big fan of eating glitter on his dinner plate or sitting in finger paint.

I let my kiddos pick things out of the craft box and choose how they wanted to decorate their Valentines box.

As you can see, my girl wanted lots of glitter, hearts, and lips on her box.

My boy just wanted Super Man. That's fine. He's my Super Man.

So there you have it. A homemade Valentines box for your kiddos made by your kiddos.

C'mon Moms- Let's keep it real. It doesn't have to be Pinterest Perfect. Just let them have fun and cheer them on along the way.

As we were making our boxes for our Valentines party this Thursday, I forgot that we had a party today! I didn't have time to go to the store to buy Valentines for the kids and for sure didn't have time to make some. So I did what any mom would do. 

I emptied the candy bowl, put it in a bag and counted it as our Valentines to give out at party #1.

So go moms-- Be Awesome and let your toddlers make their own Valentines box.

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