About Amanda

Okay..... I feel funny sitting her trying to talk about myself- But here it goes........

First thing. I love Jesus. I want to glorify Him with my life. I want to raise kingdom minded kids. I am nothing without Him. 

Also....I love to laugh. Who doesn't right?

Born: I'm an Arkansas Girl. I drink Sweet Tea. Enough Said.

Education: University of Central Arkansas. Go Bears! I really like fitness,sports, exercise, and adventure so I got my BS in Exercise Science. I also love fresh flowers on my table, good food, and practical information so I got my Minor in Family and Consumer Sciences.

More Education Info: I married my super hero husband between my Freshmen and Sophomore year of college. Ummm Fun! It was the best decision ever!

Married: He's basically awesome. I love him. He is a basketball coach/teacher. (More on this story later)

Things I love: all things sports and outdoors- especially running, backpacking, and basketball. But if it has anything to do with sports, outdoors, or adventure- Just sign me up. Seriously, I'd love to start an Ultimate Frisbee league where I live. 

I love quotes, good music, and hanging with my kids.
If you have any good music you'd like to recommend leave me a comment and I'll check it out! 

I used to be a teacher/coach before I hung up the whistle to be a mom.- But you can read a little bit more of my story here concerning that.

If you are reading this I now consider you my friend. I'd love for you to become a follower or subscribe by email so we can go on this journey of life together. ....... and while you're at it and if it's not too much trouble  you can Like my Facebook Page as well.

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